Welcome to this special edition of The SoDA Report on Trends in Personalization, developed in partnership with Sitecore.

We are thrilled to feature this report in a series of white-papers released under The SoDA Report On… moniker designed to conduct deep dives on a targeted issue which impacts the companies and people who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences.

In this edition, SoDA and Sitecore explore the evolution of digital personalization and examine the strategies and tools required to produce the most effective consumer experience. Done right, personalization enhances customers’ lives and increases engagement and loyalty by delivering messages that are tuned to and even anticipate what customers really want.

The findings of the research highlight key issues that both agency leaders and brand marketers face, the challenges they need to address, and delivers valuable insight into the current state and future trends of digital personalization.

In addition to the in-depth research component and summation, the Report includes original articles by industry leaders hailing from Microsoft, Perficient Digital, Dept, Deepend, Sitecore and more.  

I’d like to thank the Sitecore team for their support of SoDA and the SoDA Report series. To become a subscriber of The SoDA Report, please email SoDA and we will ensure you have priority access to the release of upcoming editions. 

We hope you enjoy this report and, as always, welcome your feedback, ideas, and contributions for future editions.


Lakai Newman, Managing Editor and Head of Production, The SoDA Report