Welcome to this special edition of The SoDA Report on The New Normal, developed in partnership with Deltek.

This report is the third in a series of white papers we’ll be releasing under The SoDA Report On… moniker in order to conduct deep dives on a number of issues impacting the companies and people who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences.

It is without question that the agency landscape is a constantly evolving one and the definition of success is no different. Every person, from the project manager to the CEO, has a different understanding of what success means; and often that’s why teams don’t get projects done efficiently.

Within this special edition of The SoDA Report, industry leaders from around the globe and across a number of disciplines candidly discuss their definition and measurement of project success. They grapple with topics such as project scope, budget tracking, promoting and maintaining healthy levels of team and client satisfaction all the while maintaining a high quality of work. Readers of this Report will learn what challenges leading shops are facing as well as real-life experiences of successes and tools to better assess and adapt to the “new normal”.

Long-term vision, agency position and flexibility are essential for Mark Newcomer of Mirum. As Mirum’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mark drives the vision for strategy and planning as a discipline and helps clients develop and bring impactful strategies to market.

Callum Broderick of Deltek, having spent more than a decade in digital marketing, advertising and agency management, offers his expertise on what it takes to win in the “new normal” by elaborating upon new tools, policies and organizational discipline.

Taking a more introspective approach, Greg Bolton, Creative Director of Jam3, candidly shares what works in the past isn’t always what will work in the future. With the evolving industry, there are key shifts to be mindful of in order to remain competitive.

Finally, Bryan Hamilton of Razorfish, shares four future-proof ways to disrupt your brand by re-prioritizing, re-inventing and pioneering.

I’d like to thank Deltek for partnering with us on this valuable initiative. To become a subscriber of The SoDA Report, please email SoDA (info@sodaspeaks.com) and we will ensure you have priority access to the release of upcoming editions. We hope you enjoy this report and, as always, welcome your feedback, ideas, and contributions for future editions.


Lakai Newman, Associate Editor and Head of Production, The SoDA Report