Welcome to this special edition of The SoDA Report on Native Advertising, developed in partnership with Google.

This report is the fourth in a series of white papers we are releasing under The SoDA Report On… moniker in order to conduct deep dives on a number of issues impacting the companies and people who are creating the future of marketing and digital experiences.

The rise in mobile devices has changed the role content plays in everyone’s daily lives. But on mobile, the banner ads of the desktop world won't work. Native ads provide a solution that allows brands to show relevant ads that fit the form and function of publishers' pages across screens. Combining the concept of native ads with programmatic gives advertisers the scale they need to reach consumers wherever they are.

Within this special edition of The SoDA Report, industry leaders brainstorm and discuss creative opportunities for programmatic native advertising. How can marketers, agencies, and publishers build better creative designs that mesh well with their content experiences? How can we be creative in a world that is component-based? Authors from Fancy Pants Group, Voltage, Big Spaceship and Google share real-life examples of challenges, modifications, successes and tools to continue the conversation of creating compelling digital creative. 

I’d like to thank Google for partnering with us on this valuable initiative. To become a subscriber of The SoDA Report, please email SoDA (info@sodaspeaks.com) and we will ensure you have priority access to the release of upcoming editions. We hope you enjoy this report and, as always, welcome your feedback, ideas, and contributions for future editions.


Lakai Newman, Associate Editor and Head of Production, The SoDA Report